The Apollo – Floating Moon Lamp

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The Apollo Floating Moon Lamp is the world’s leading magnetic levitating moon lamp. Designed to inspire, built to last with careful personalised touches to make you awestruck and completely at peace. Change the colour and brightness to set the ambience and choose from a light grain or dark grain base to suit your decor.

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The Apollo - 3D Magnetic Levitation Moon Lamp

The Apollo Floating Moon Lamp is carefully made using specialist 3D printing technology, our floating moon lamp takes over 30 hours to craft and take its full, beautiful form. Light up and part of your space with a mystically awe inspiring experience with the Apollo Levitating Moon Lamp by SureTech.

We designed the Apollo Levitating Moon lamp to have a particular bohemian-inspired aura to bring the energy of the mystical moon right into your living space. Relax and gaze at the moon levitating before your eyes, for hours on end. A genuine feature piece for your living space, this stunning magnetic floating moon lamp is designed not just as a beautiful artwork for every home and office, but also as a calming, stress-relieving instrument. Turn on, tune in and drop out to the relaxing energy of the moon magically levitating and feel your stress and anxiety slip away.

Unlike other cheap ripoffs, the SureTech Floating Moon Lamp lets you adjust the ambience and mood by changing the colour of the lamp. From a striking white light, to an ambient warm white, or a calming yellow light. Our special durable LED technology mimics the exact colours of the moon, to entrance you in a truly mystical experience.

The durable magnetic base comes in 2 colour options. Choose from a stunning light wood grain or a dark hardwood grain to match your decor and living space.

Imagine this masterpiece of ingenuity in your living space in a matter of days and enjoy FREE SHIPPING this week only.

Product Description:

Floating Moon Lamp diameter: 14cm

Suspension distance: 15mm

Base size: 13.4x13.4x2.8

Light color: white light, warm white, yellow light

Switch type: touch Power supply: 12V 1A


Package Includes:

1*Magnetic Levitation Moon Lamp

1*Power adapter

1*User Manual

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Night Light







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Night Lights

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16 reviews for The Apollo – Floating Moon Lamp

  1. The Apollo - Floating Moon Lamp

    Cindy Janeson

    love love love this floating moon lamp. great idea, arrived in 1 week.

  2. The Apollo - Floating Moon Lamp

    Michael Clarkson

    honest seller. arrived in 8 days to myself in the US. Ordered another for my brother in Australia, also arrived in 8 days. This is far better than an amazon levitating moon lamp i bought a while back. better construction, nicer base and better quality light. overall very happy

  3. The Apollo - Floating Moon Lamp

    Melinda Jonathon

    ordered the darker base. DHL free delivery was great and on-time. had a tricky time making the floating moon lamp levitate the first couple times, but i got the hang of it. very satisfied customer

  4. The Apollo - Floating Moon Lamp

    Jake Greenfield

    great ingenuity. this is sitting on my coffee table and is always a talking piece with guests. very beautiful and sturdy. I live the detail and the different colour modes of my floating moon lamp.

  5. The Apollo - Floating Moon Lamp

    Machita Yakusa

    my sister ordered this for my as a birthday gift as a surprise. I literally had no idea what it was until i read the manual. this levitating moon lamp turned out to be such a great addition to my house. helps me relax. it’s silent which is great.overall a great piece for my house.

  6. The Apollo - Floating Moon Lamp

    Linda Karens

    item arrived in 4 days to me in the US. happily surprised because the sellers estimates were 7-16 days. the apollo levitating moon lamp itself is spectacular. it’s really helping with my anxiety in a weird way i didn’t expect. the build quality is amazingly good overall.

  7. The Apollo - Floating Moon Lamp

    Solinda Jensen

    staring at this floating moon lamp every night literally takes my anxiety away. such an amazing addition to my home and better quality than others i’ve seen. Arrived quickly with DHL. Very satisfied and much less anxious customer. Solinda

  8. The Apollo - Floating Moon Lamp

    Jason Mahusha

    I use this lamp as part of my meditation practise with calming music on in the background. it sets the mood perfectly to get me into the right setting to go deep with my meditation. highly recommend. arrived in 6 days which is faster than i expected (not complaining). my only complaint is that now I want another one for my living room 🙂

  9. The Apollo - Floating Moon Lamp

    Igor Melgka

    just arrived today. In 6 days! now that’s fast! Took me a few goes to make it levitate but i got the hag of it now. I am very impressed with how high quality The Apollo levitating moon lamp is. I can compare to another ebay levitating moon lamp i bought 6 months ago which was far inferior to this build quality. the light settings are great. i use it in my bedroom as a reading light (on the high light setting) – or on the other 2 calming light settings to relax and just have it in the background. love this overall.

  10. The Apollo - Floating Moon Lamp

    Brenda Henkley

    My husband bought this for my mothers day last year. I love it so much as a relaxing night light and home decor statement, that I bought The Apollo for my own mother for mothers day this year. I know she’ll love it. The build quality on this Apollo is far better than the other one I have.

  11. The Apollo - Floating Moon Lamp

    Nicholas Marthias

    well, I bought all 3 (Apollo moon, Lucent lamp, Caldron plant pot) on an impulse and I cant explain how magical these all are. Not sure which one I like better. I have the moon in my lounge room, the lamp in my bedroom and pot in my study. They’ve literally transformed the ambience of my whole house and they really help me to relax.

  12. The Apollo - Floating Moon Lamp

    Jacinda Lakely

    nifty little unit. well built. great ambience setter. good price for the quality compared to others ive seen. delivery time was fine. would buy again

  13. The Apollo - Floating Moon Lamp

    Cameron Balivia

    just received mine with the $100 off and free DHL shipping. arrived in 4 days to the US…so super fast. impressed. I already have another one of these I bought from ebay last year. this somehow looks better overall. looks better built. base is prettier also. good value for money

  14. The Apollo - Floating Moon Lamp

    Joel Landhart

    epic. epic. epic. i just wish it was bigger ! haha

  15. The Apollo - Floating Moon Lamp

    main reinhart

    ordered the floating plant thingy few weeka go which is cool then i ordered this floating moon lamp. this is even more amazing. relaxing in a weird kind of way.

  16. The Apollo - Floating Moon Lamp

    Kimberley Yasoon

    thanks. very well packaged. delivery in 12 days to the US. the moon itself is far more detailed than i expected. awesome.

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the apollo levitating moon lamp

Introducing the original Apollo.

Art meets Radiance

The Apollo - Floating Moon Lamp

Awe Inspiring, Beautiful and Mystical. Introducing the Apollo Floating Moon Lamp. Experience the age old mystery of the moon levitating before your eyes. The Apollo is a perfect 3D copy of the moon. Experience every bump and crater on the moon’s surface with the Apollo. The silent free-floating moon is the ultimate stress-reliever and room decor and lamp for any living space.

Mini Moon Replica with 3D Printing Technology

Our world leading 3D printing technology carefully and perfectly builds each Apollo over a 30+ hour period. The difference is truly in the detail with the Apollo floating moon lamp. Behold every bump and crater on the moon’s surface with amazing accuracy.

You Control the Ambience

Set the mood, any way you want it with the Apollo floating moon lamp. Calming, exciting, awe-inspiring. You choose how you want to feel with 3 different light colour options built into the world’s leading levitating moon lamp.

Easy Setup & Ultra Low Power Consumption

Easily turn the light of the Apollo floating moon lamp on or off by lightly tapping the power button on the base. This turns off the light with the moon still levitating on the base.

Getting the Apollo floating moon lamp to levitate is easy once you get the hang of it. After your first few attempts, you will get the moon to levitate first time, every time, instantly.



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the apollo levitating moon lamp