This viral video shows you the #1 success factor in your digital marketing services

We’re all starved for authenticity.
Yet, we all recognise and embrace it when we see it.
As we move further and further into a modern technocracy, we will become more and more distant from each other, making digital marketing essentially the only method to grow your business. This means that your customers need to trust your brand and services/products enough to purchase from you without ever physically seeing you. This causes several problems in the human to human landscape.
We are a species that has evolved to sense facial and body signals from each other to detect someone who is telling the truth and someone who is lying. The more virtual our lives get, the less opportunity we have to gauge body language to assess trustworthiness. A new method of assessing trust is now in play in the modern age. That is: authentic and genuine digital marketing.
Recently, a man (tiktok username 420doggface208) from America posted a seemingly unassuming video of himself skateboarding while carelessly lip syncing to fleetwood mac’s classic song “dreams” and sipping on some cranberry juice.
So why did it go viral?
It was a casual, playful act that this man wouldn’t have expected to go viral. It did not have filters and it was not rehearsed. More than that, it was authentic and genuine! That’s why it struck a chord with millions of people all over the world. In the world of filters, fake news and high stress levels, we all resonated with the simplicity and casual authentic nature of this mans video. Why? We all wish we could be this laid back and genuine, at least from time to time. We all wish we saw it in others more often. A 30 second video made the whole world smile and exhale for a second. It was wonderful.

Why the hell does this matter to my digital marketing services?

Well, listen in.
If you saw your own digital marketing campaign, what would you FEEL? Yes, Feel. Don’t be concerned about thoughts right now. We mere mortals only conjure a thought following a feeling. Our thoughts are merely a shadow of our feelings. So, If you can assuage the feeling you need to in your customer, you can essentially control the customers thought process which leads up to a sale or lead. However, its not that easy. You cant fake it. You cant pretend to be something you’re not. Again, remember, we can all smell a rat a mile away.
Don’t make the mistake of giving your audience less credit than they deserve. They are far more informed and aware than you may think. After all, business owners like you who are trying to market their product are consumers also.
Always put yourself in your customers shoes with your digital marketing services.
Remember Dr Nick from the Simpsons? Or am I the only one old enough to still remember good ol’ Doc Nick? What did this classic character teach us about authenticity and trust? Other than not trusting people with moustaches, the character was the perfect metaphor for a company with a digital marketing strategy that wasn’t authentic. They’re everywhere. I’m sure you would have seen a Google Ad campaign or Facebook ad campaign lately that you basically laughed at because it seemed so ‘off’. It didn’t mesh with what the company’s website looked like or the message they were trying to convey. That was Dr Nick! His famous scenes were all with his medical blunders as a doctor, because he simply didn’t know what he was doing. He was inauthentic and was obviously trying to simply take people’s money.
Don’t be Dr Nick!
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Authenticity is the key to successful digital marketing services

We should first off actually define what authenticity is. We may intuitively know it when we see it, however, its important to put it into words so you can successfully implement this strategy into your various digital marketing campaigns such as SEO packages, Google Adwords agency campaigns etc.
To define it in layman terms, being authentic means staying true to who you are, what you do and who you serve. It creates value and benefits for your followers as well as improving your business. Authentic businesses inspire and prosper.

Why does Authenticity improve your business internet marketing services?

1) The customer feels your brand is a reliable, trustworthy company.
2) The customer feels that what you offer is of high quality.
3) The customer can relate to your brand.
4) It builds your brand and business character into something influential and a source of authority (which is so important for your SEO strategy)
5) Your Google Adwords ads and Social Media Marketing ads stand out above the competition.
All this leads to higher customer engagement, leads and will improve your bottom line.

How do You Implement Authentic Digital Marketing services and strategies to improve your bottom line?

Now that we understand the concept of authenticity and how it can improve your own businesses online marketing, the next question is, how the hell do you actually implement it?

1) Don’t BS

It almost sounds obvious doesn’t it? Yet so many businesses get this wrong. Share your company morals, mission, passions and get back to basics. Who are you as a person and a company? What drives you? The best way to be perceived as authentic is to BE authentic, so build a purpose for your business beyond making a buck. Apply your core values, goals and beliefs as the heart of how you approach every aspect of your business.
For example, i’ll give you a very personal scenario. Many a moon ago we wanted to establish a SEO agency Sydney and Google Adwords agency Sydney company, we were fed up with all the BS we continually saw in basically ALL other online marketing agencies. We could see straight through it. We had been working in digital marketing for large corporations for almost 20 years, and we knew what was authentic and what was not.
ie. no, you cant reach top spot in Google in 1 week with any SEO package.
So we decided to establish our SureTech brand literally around the “no BS” phrase. Once we decided to actually use the phrase “no bs” and explain what it meant in our very own digital marketing campaigns, was when our leads tripled seemingly overnight. We kept it simple, we said what we meant, and we never promised anything we knew we couldn’t deliver. This was our brand. This was our ethos. We conveyed it well, and it resonated with our target audience.
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2) Give Back to the community with your digital marketing services.

No really, do it! Not everything is about dollars and cents. However, ironically, the most successful and trusted brands ever created have been the ones to give the most to charity. Why? Giving is a sign of altruism. So, partnering your company with a charity and building digital marketing campaigns around it goes a long way to winning people over with your altruistic nature.
Again, to present a very personal example of how we have implemented this ourselves here at SureTech; during the horrific Australian bush fires in late 2019, we decided to establish a donation process to the RFS (Royal Fire Service). We tweaked our website design and all of our Google Adwords and Social media marketing campaigns to mention that 20% of all proceeds would be donated to the RFS. Not only did this gave back to the community, but it enabled us to reinforce our brand, our motto, our ethos. Again, our engagement increased, and our leads were solid. Why? because our campaigns had already established trust in the customer before we even spoke to them.
Have a look:

3) Do what you say and say what you do

Or to put in another way (again, look from the customers perspective):
You are what you do, not what you’ll say you do.
Be transparent in what you do. Communicate clearly and regularly with your customers via your digital marketing strategies. Remember, social media is a great way to portray your brand and mission to your potential customers, so that when they do need your service, you are already seen as a trusted authority in the back of their minds.
So, if your company tradition has been to talk a big game, but not back it up, the digital age has you measured my friend. You better reassess your business practises because in the age of Google and social media, once your company gets a bad name for not following up on promises, you’re doomed!
To explain this principle, lets look at a company that came to us looking for answers as to why their website couldn’t get leads or even rank high in organic search engine results using SEO, even though several other SEO agencies had attempted. Ill be honest, in the back of my mind I was cheekily thinking “that’s because you’ve been dealing with rubbish digital agencies“. I stuck my tongue in my cheek and got to work at a digital marketing strategy for them. It only took me 15 minutes to see where the problem was. All their Google reviews and social media reviews they had were horrendous. The words “liars” and “negligent” were used in their reviews multiple times. We had to explain to them that a SEO plan simply wouldn’t work for them until they reassess their own business practises to begin receiving positive reviews. After all, social proof/testimonials is key in digital marketing. Now that all of their previous customers didn’t like them, Google also didn’t like them and it was near impossible to use standard white hat SEO strategies to improve their ranking. Needless to say that this company went bankrupt soon after due to their poor reputation. They entered the Google hole of doom and couldn’t get out.
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Summary & Conclusion

There are many more soft and hard skills to learn to be an authentic modern successful company and to authentically digitally market your product. Just remember, an honest and trusted company is a popular company, whereas dishonest companies will always fail regardless of their tactics or strategies. With real authenticity comes a sense of liberation and freedom. Being true to yourself and your customers relieves anxiety that many of us hold onto without even realising. It negates the need for you and your company to maintain a facade. Imagine what this reduced anxiety and stress can help you and your company achieve? Perhaps one day, we can all be as chilled and relaxed as 420doggface208 while sipping on some delicious cranberry juice.
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