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The Final Form of the Mens Hair Trimmer is here.

Stunning, Quiet, Compact, Quick.

Designed by Men, for Men.


The SureTrim



(49 customer reviews)
  • designer vintage metal body of your choice
  • washable, self sharpening stainless steel alloy blades
  • up to 1200mAh battery
  • LED battery indicator
  • cordless with USB charging
  • quiet 8000rpm copper motor
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Crafted by Parisian designers and artists.

Match your hair and beard trimmer to your personality.

Choose from 25 different designer styles. Exquisite laser carved imagery and stainless-steel alloy construction brings your grooming to life.


suretrim mens hair trimmer


The SureTrim not only oozes charisma with its vintage styling, the meticulously engineered open stainless-steel alloy blades also open a whole new world for creative hair, beard trimming and clipping.

Designed to be safe on skin and easy to clean and maintain. The cutting head can be quickly rinsed under running water. 

the ultimate travel buddy

designer hair trimmer

Coming in at a tiny 15cm in height and small enough to fit in your pocket, the SureTrim is your ultimate travel buddy.

Throw it in your car, luggage or your pocket. The SureTrim is cordless and charges with a regular USB cable for ultimate convenience.


Don’t let the small exterior fool you. The SureTrim packs a punch with over 90min running time and a high-power, high-speed 8000RPM copper motor that cuts through any hair type quietly and comfortably while feeling great in the hand. 

Experience the SureTrim difference.

suretrim features

What Do You get?

mens hair trimmer package contents

The SureTrim Mens Hair Trimmer

USB Charging Cable

Instruction Manual

Adjustable Trimmer Guards (1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm)

Cleaning Brush


Is Delivery Free?

Yes! Enjoy Free Standard Delivery Australia-Wide.

Can I choose which design I want?

Yes! Choose from over 25 exquisite body designs. Simply select your preferred design from the shop, the add to cart.

Can I Rinse my SureTrim under water?

Specifically designed to be easy to clean and maintain, the cutting head can be quickly rinsed under running water. Note: Do not put the electric hair clipper in water, only rinse the blade.

How do i turn my SureTrim on and off?

Simply press the button on the bottom of the hair trimmer. 

How do I recharge my cordless hair trimmer?

Your SureTrim comes with everything you need. Simply plug the included USB cable into the USB port at the bottom of the device and your hair trimmer will recharge in a few hours.

How do I maximise the battery life of my hair trimmer?

Maximise your battery life with regular recharging. Avoid completely draining the battery.

How do I maximise the life of my hair trimmer blades?

Oil (not included) the blades of your SureTrim Cordless Hair Trimmer before your first use and at regular intervals thereafter to ensure the blades are self-sharpended and to maximise the life of the blades.

How much run time can I expect from a single charge?

On average, you will get 90 minutes run time from a single charge. This should last the average man weeks worth of grooming.

see what the men say

49 reviews for The SureTrim

  1. Jahn Pajito

    love it! all as described. I chucked out my old wahl hair clippers. this is nicer to use because of the open blade design so I can see where im trimming/sculpting.

  2. Glen Bomont

    AusPost lost my package. not SureTech’s fault. They instantly sent me another unit at no charge! Great communication. Great mens beard trimmer and hair trimmer for me. legends!

  3. Hal Josephs

    great value. been using it for a few days. eye candy and sleek beard and side burns sculpting. perfect

  4. Simion Panster

    better than expected. looks so much better in person. great to be able to wash it under water.
    UPDATED REVIEW AFTER 2 WEEKS: good battery life. good clean, sharp trimming on my beard and also hair. ive replaced my wahl hair trimmer with this. its just fun to use!

  5. Stacey Mcintyre

    dad just received his in time for fathers day. he opened and used it already and im glad he loves it for beard trimming. thank you for your clear communication also. Stacey

  6. Daniel Lambardi

    this is better than my wahl hair trimmer in almost all aspects.

  7. Jenny Zo

    arrived safely to Brisbane for my dads fathers day gift. looks great although i haven’t used it.

  8. Jono Bovos

    thumbs up from me! looks better in person. works as described.

  9. John Boctoc

    just got mine. couldn’t resist at this price. functionality: only used it on my beard to trim and sculpt–works perfect as described. love that I can wash it under water. looks: simply amazing! looks and feels great.

  10. Matthew Mounthousen

    just spectacular. works sweet as hell, looks even better.

  11. Monikque Vassalo

    got it for my husband as a gift. he was shocked at how amazing it looks. he uses it to trim his beard down to stubble and it looks great.

  12. Sam Uswell

    works great as a beard trimmer. did someone say SHINY 🙂 looks great! very unique

  13. Moey David

    used it a few times already in the first week of owning this bad boy. my lockdown hair trimming skills arent great but this works well for my thick beard also.

  14. Roger Wilcox

    good. my wife trimmed my hair down to a 2 with this and I trimmed by sons hair also. actually easier to use than my normal hair clippers due to the open blade design.

  15. Jeoffrey Hills

    purchased on an impulse after I saw a 52% off ad on facebook a couple weeks ago. what a great little unit? the sturdy heavy weight of the metal unit really makes this hair trimmer special. thanks!

  16. Beau Montgomery

    all around good. actually I just ordered another one (mainly for decoration for my other bathroom). LOOKS AWESOME! works great to trim my beard.

  17. Henry Wu

    great hair clipper. have only had it for 1 week. can i say im in love with my “dragon clipper” ?

  18. Michael Hammond

    great value. works great on my beard. overall 9/10. would buy again.

  19. Hal Joshuas

    awesome. used it for a few days so far, and its just awesome as a beard trimmer and hair trimmer. no complaints

  20. Peter Georges

    finally a lockdown haircut! thank god! this hair clipper exceeded my own expectations. i thought it would be tricky to do a DIY hair trim, but the visible blades really help. granted, im just doing a bizz cut all over. p.s LOOKS amazing! bargain also.

  21. melanie Hollinworth

    I couldnt resist at 50% off. it was an impulse buy for my boyfriends birthday. he says he loves his new “girlfriend” as he calls her now. at least he likes his new hair clippers for lockdown haircuts. 🙂

  22. Heath Jackson

    great little hair and beard trimmer. took a little long to arrive. although not sellers fault. tracking showed it was Australia posts issue because of covid apparently. anyway, my gold skull beard trimmer works and LOOKS especially amazing. great price also.

  23. Matthew John

    one satisfied customer. love my gold dragon SureTrim beard trimmer. great quality. works well on my oily hair also.

  24. Ashley Matthews

    i ordered 3 of these bad boys because of the current 50% off sale on the suretrim. 1 gold buddha, 1 silver bearded man and 1 plain black. was pleasantly surprised that i got an included trimming guard.
    first of all, they all look AMAZING. looks great on my basin. second, its SO precise because of the open blades. this is a game changer for me! finally a straight beard line with this epic beard trimmer

  25. James Holys

    this hair trimmer is best in class. i had “the buddha” from another company but it broke prematurely. Saw this at half price, arrived yesterday, and this just feels better in every way. better alloy construction. better blades. even the LED somehow looks better quality. lovely hair trimmer

  26. Ganesh Rio

    very good overall. little heavier than I expected at first, i guess because of the real metal body, however the weight has grown on me. the added weight of the metal body definitely feels good now after a few uses.
    looks great, thats for sure. cheers

  27. Harold Mcintyre

    nifty little unit. awesome to use. portable, good looking, powerful. would recommend

  28. jessica watson

    i chose the plain silver design for hubby. he said he likes black, so the seller sent me another one for half price. very generous. hubby loves using this hair trimmer. hes a pretty hairy guy and it works great on his hair, beard and legs…and back. he loves it. thanks guys

  29. Wagdi Andrews

    BOOM! it arrived yesterday and ive run out of hair to shave and trim. genuinely feels great in the hand and feels great to use. perfect, thanks!

  30. Maxwell Hanes

    this thing is so portable. had it for a few days and i find it great for my overnight travels. took over a week but what can you do…covid! overall 9/10

  31. Sam Hensun

    went from a WAHL hair trimmer to this suretrim beard trimmer. for some reason the open blade design makes it much easier. i decided on the eagle gold design. very glad i did.

  32. Jen Sumners

    good communication. good device for curly hair and beard trimming. great price. would recommend

  33. Harry Sims

    great price. i got it with the current 50% off. absolute steal! i note that you do have to oil the blades before use.

  34. Jax Wasons

    perfect. 10/10

  35. Sam Wilson

    finally i got a haircut in lockdown ! haha. thanks guys for organising express shipping! oh and the buddha silver body looks AMAZING!

  36. Macon Wilson

    good battery life. feels great in the hand. blades are self sharpening. the metal design is GREAT. p.s. the bearded man design is EPIC. overall 10/10.

  37. Axel Kacey

    great, thanks

  38. Matt Souza

    i went for the bearded man gold body design. arrived in a little over a week. this thing is really fun to use! unlike anything else ive ever used.

  39. jenna king

    arrived today. well worth the money. needed one urgently for a lockdown haircut for my boyfriend.

  40. Bob Jexon

    decided to buy this on an impulse buy with the current 50% discount on this beauty. very impressed overall. cuts like hell even with my curly hair.

  41. Ian Colins

    seller sent the wrong design by accident. full refund was sent immediately. great communication and the hair trimmer itself is sexy as hell. I love trimming my beard now.

  42. Max Holloways

    everything in order. works as described. the look and feel was far better than expected. legends

  43. hanna Mason

    just arrived. i decided on the silver eagle body and DAMN it looks amazing. tested it on my beard and hair and it seems great and definitely easier to use than normal clippers.

  44. Peter Kestel

    was unsure about how long the battery would last from such a small device but im pleasantly surprised. this lasts me about 1 month with daily quick beard trimming. Its great and rugged to hold in the hand. the metal body really adds something special to my beard trimming. in love with it!

  45. Ken Foofta

    arrived earlier than expected (for fathers day) for my dad.

  46. Michael Liamsworth

    we’ve been using this for about 1 month. me and my brother both use it for our beard and shaved heads. the open blades have made a world of difference to precise beard shaping because we can see where the cut/line is. Just ordered 1 more for my brother so he doesnt keep stealing mine 🙂

  47. Jason jixons

    just got mine for a much needed lockdown haircut. over-exceeded my expectations. just ordered another 2 for my dad and brother. thank you

  48. Liam Kensworth

    so so so amazing. i got the buddha gold version. firstly, it looks STUNNING. it is so amazing just to hold. sturdy metal construction and stainless steel blades. I use it for my daily beard trimming and it cuts through my thick beard like butter.

  49. Aleisha Maxwell

    ordered for my husband. he couldn’t wait to open it for fathers day. he absolutely loves it. It stands pretty in our ‘grooming station’. couldn’t be happier.

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